Thursday, 29 March 2012

That's so 2012.

Whether it’s bizarre prints or more subtle prints, large or small, print season is in! Straying away from the onslaught of summer dress-downs, one might assume it’s the time to dress ‘modest’, however, ladies, do not fret for this is not the case - patterns are all the rage! Not to mention they’re bound to get you some attention ;)

From the streets, to the red carpet, as well as the runway, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest street style you’ll notice this trend dawning for 2012 – everyone is jumping on the printed-clothing bandwagon.

Although it is trendy and certainly not new as such, it is a style many are quite frankly hesitant to try. Do not fear ladies (and gents)! You can (a) go all out by mixing and matching bold, popping prints from head to toe or (b) take it easy, and subtly add a print here and there, whether it be a top, bottom or some eye-catching shoes.

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