Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ottomode takes summer bay by storm

Seriously what is with this weather? 
Mother nature must have finally recieved the memo of our Australian farmers rain dancing when we were in stage 5 of our drought 2 or 3 years ago.
Ottomode HQ has been thinking of places where it looks bright and sunny and the people are always tanned - we couldnt get Bay out of our heads, Rose bay, Byron bay, Summer Bay!!!
Which then got us thinking of the last couple of episodes of Home & Away and then we started to notice that Ottomode has been making some weekly appearances on channel 7’s hit drama!!
That’s right girls the beautiful Demi Harman (know as Sasha on home & away), Rebecca Breeds(Ruby) and Rhiannon Fish (April) from Summer Bay have rocking some of our Ottomode perfect summer beach styles.
Check some of the images below.
 Rhiannon Fish wears ottomode Daisy vest
 Rhiannon Fish wears ottomode's Brenna singlet
 Rebecca Breeds wears Fahiim tee
 Demi Harman wears ottomode Terra jacket
stay in tune with our Ottomode blog and Home & away to see more of the bays girls wearing our ottomode garments we have a strange feeling that a lot more are going to start poping up within the next few episodes .