Monday, 12 December 2011

When I grow up.

When I grow up is a question this girl doesn’t have to ask herself at the age of 10 this girl has been claimed the tile supermodel and has taken french vogue by storm. We say move over Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson and make room for the newest super model, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau!!

Daughter of the former soccer player Patrick Blondeau and fashion designer mother Véronika Loubry this little beauty will make you say someone Kerr and Heidi something or other.

Although some people have said that her photos are too provocative and screaming that this is sexualisation of children in the media. Here at Otto Mode we think the photos are just stunning this little girl seems confident and happy and we honestly think she won’t be dressing so glam when she is just cruising the streets. 

We are looking forward to seeing more of this little girls face in the following years. We seriously believe she will be the next big thing she has only been discovered 4 yrs earlier then Kate Moss and we believe her career will be just as successful.
 With mum
 With Dad