Sunday, 11 December 2011

Down the rabbit hole to a world unknown.

So it’s that time of the year where everyone gets a bit festive, fancy and sometimes a little frisky. Thats right its holiday season.. the season to rejoice and relax or hide after that embarising stunt you pulled at the christmas party.

And here at the ottomode HQ office I had the delightful task of organizing our annual Christmas party... and if any of you have organized a Christmas party before you would understand it’s not always too simple.
But all the dramas aside, I booked us into the well known slide bar on Oxford Street.
And while none of us had been there before and had no idea what to expect  as we slipped off the busy oxford street into the quaint theater we slurped up some of the yummiest cocktails ever (I recomend the SLIDER or the VERUSHKA DARLING.) and watched the show unfold, literally!

 It was like we had walked through a porthole into the extraordinary, with eclectic outfits and outrageously inspiring performances.
As slide combines Broadway and burlesque, aerial artists and cabaret with amazing food and tasy cocktails, you will be wondering if you have just slipped down some rabbit hole or if you just have had one too many cocktails.
You must check out the place. Words can’t explain the experience you will get if you go.
For tickets and more information click here.