Sunday, 13 November 2011


So we are half way through November, and movember is the cause of all those mo’s which are sprouting everywhere. With face grown and hand brushed upper lip hair sporting men around the world showing their encouragement in a light hearted way to raise awareness for men’s health, prostate cancer and depression.
And while the males seem to become a walking and talking promotion for movember it seems hard for us girls to get on the facial hair bandwagon but there are still plenty of ways for us females to show our support.
Such as the mo Gala parties held every year in your capital city. Celebrate with your furry faced friends for a few drinks and some music and if you’re lucky enough to have Sydney as your capital city the rides at Luna park where the Mo party is held will be operating for free!  Tickets are starting at the pocket friendly price of $35. Check out your mo’s party where abouts here
The parties are also filled with games and prizes your mo could win you best mo bro with his mo sista, best team mo and many more your man and his mo may even make it to international facial hair fame if you are selected for the moscars or international man of movember.
But if you can’t bring yourself to growing a mo. which I know most ladies cant.. Whether the reason is because it would be hideous or maybe just impossible then you can also purchase Mo Merchandise to show your support.

There is still some fashion fun ways to support this cause from painting your nails with a little French mo-niqure… pun intended.  Or some cute hanging mos or cover up that paper cut with a moustache bandage. Every bit of support shows men that we really do care.

so get your mo on with these fun items and Not long now girls till your man shaves that furry caterpillar off his upper lip and you can stop worrying about that awful pash rash every time he leans in for a goodnight kiss. Show your support before the end of this month J