Thursday, 17 November 2011

Friday's at harry's

While the weather has started to clear up for the weekend (fingers crossed). Some of the Ottomode crew thought it would be a great idea to take a nice stroll down to our local Harrys Cafe de wheels.

Where the pies are hot and the peas mushy and the house special called the tiger was lingering in the shadows waiting for us to take a bite.
Harry's pies are as good as a traditional home made snack and good old Harry even caters for the grass grazers (aka the vegetarians) with some equally delicious veggie filled traditional pies.
What better place to sit and enjoy our lunches on this summeresque Friday afternoon than by a picture perfect lake. And while we lost track of time tanning our sun longing limbs and nibbling on our tasty treats, on a small little warf surrounded by a busy city the serenity quickly turned into a sudden rat race to get back to our garment filled desks and air con when we realized we had been gone for quite some time..

 Photos from: Ottomode Instagram

Photo from : Janie Barrett