Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Melbourne 1 - Sydney 0

Now we all know there has always been rivalry between Sydney siders and people who wish to reside in Melbourne, but truth be told Ottomode HQ have recently become envious of the people living in Melbourne even though Otto has always been a very proud supporter of Sydney.

And yes Sydney does have the iconic bridge and Opera house, Bondi beach, Kings Cross where pretty much anything goes, shopping on Crown st and our almost weekly markets and we are also home to Ottomode HQ’s two favourite bloggers Tuula and Gary pepper vintage (well they are close anyways).

But all that aside Melbourne has scored some big points from Otto HQ  their vintage strung streets where the boutiques and one off pieces run riot!!! And now Melbourne has gone above an beyond Sydney becoming home to Australia’s first Topshop which is set to open early December on Melbourne’s ever so popular Chapel St..
Girls weekend  anyone?

Melbourne 1- Sydney 0

One of our recent shoots at bondi.

artist David Coppinger impresion of Chappel st

topshop campaign