Thursday, 24 November 2011

White Out

You may ask why everyone is bleaching there whites and laying them out for this Friday?
Its not some way to encourage the summer sun back into our dark grey sky, but it is because they are prepping to show their support for "elimination of violence against women day."

White ribbon day started in vain of the events that occurred on the 6/12/1989 when 14 women were massacred by a male class-mate. This story shocked the nation and 2 yrs later influenced a handful of men to take responsibility to talk and host a raising awareness event held between the dates of 25/11- 6/12 every year in Canada.
In 1999 the United Nations General Assembly declared November the 25th international elimination of violence against women day.
Hence why everyone is prepping there whites and making sure they are in pristine condition.

White ribbon day is the largest male run organisation to put a stop to women’s violence. Having males at the forefront has been an import part and a major factor in contributing to the success of this organisation. 
So...Why is having men at the top of this organisation necessary? There are a number of reasons, but violence against women effect men just as much as women. The majority of men know at least one woman which has been sexually or physical abused. This may have been there mother, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend.

Violence against women is still a common problem within today’s society with 1in 3 women sexually or physical abused after the age of 15. White ribbon day confronts the minority of men that treat women with contempt and violence by having a male led campaign creating a culture to end this violence. By using influential men to send a message to men in society. Stating that violence against women is NOT acceptable.

This is a bandwagon to jump on whether you are female or male - Wear white this Friday to show your support for putting a stop to violence against women. 
Before Friday you can also show your support by swearing or taking the oath to end violence against women here
Or if you want the more fancy approach you can attend the annual white ribbon Gala dinner or lunch where you will meet guest speakers and enjoy a yummy dinner purchase tickets here.
check out the ottomode staff getting their white on.!!