Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dont Shoot El Jimador Party Sydney

Hi all hope you had a fantastic weekend, Enjoying the sun and the sleep in’s and late night drinks with friends. Myself and Sarah (our old and much loved work college) as well as some friends, were all lucky enough to attend the Vice and El Jimador summer in the city fiesta.
El Jimadors mission was to embrace summer and to change the way Australians drink tequila with a series of parties held nationwide called “Don’t Shoot El Jimador”.

Together Vice and El Jimador wanted to show us "not so tequila savvy drinkers" how to drink it right!
Which involved FREE tequila and live beats dropped by amazing DJ’s,such as; Turbo, Mo-funk, The Backhanderz.
 We were encouraged not to shoot down the tequila and there were no signs of shot glass es anywhere! We were taught to sip on the tequila cocktails with respect... And I can tell you now I do have some respect for tequila. From 6pm till 10pm we sipped on the delicious and tasty tequila cocktails. While Dancing in the awesome old carnival warehouse. The cocktails were all made by some sexy bartenders all wearing shirts that said “salt and lemon is for fish and chips”. I have most certainly found a love for tequila and I think I’m ditching my usual preference of vodka cocktails in exchange for some true Mexican loving.

Check out some of the fun we had this weekend!!
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Or some awesome clubs and pubs around your area so we can come check them out !!

Loving the red cups and shoot glass free pouring style.
 Sarah Riding on the vintage carousel horse.

 Alex our friend wearing our super sexy Sarafina Dress

Alex and I (Laura) Pictured bottom right. I promise they were'nt all our drinks on the table..haha.