Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The American Dream

So while we are all working like little bumble bee's in the Otto Mode head office, Stuck behind a florescent screen like a last minute uni student trying to finish there due tomorrow essay. Four of our much loved colleges are over in America living it up. (Not jealous at all, seriously!)  Constantly receiving emails from our international sales rep. Vlad (now referred to as V. Diddy) filled with pictures of him dining at fancy restaurants, meeting new buyers and shopping the coolest boutiques and partying with the rich and famous at exclusive gigs.
After Vlad ran into the guys from LMFAO they kindly invited him to come and shuffle with them so Vlad un expectedly attended the LMFAO concert at the biggest venue in Vegas the MARQUEE NIGHT CLUB at the COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL where he said it was a crowed house performance, but it was an amazing experience and unbelievable night.
His tip for hanging out with some celebrity rockers are:
 1. Get on the next flight to Vegas
2. Dress sexy and suave
3. Be happy and Smile
4. Have a yes night (a night where you say yes to things that you normally wouldn’t- nothing illegal)
Before they all arrived in Vegas Vlad had time to meet up with funky singer Jessie J at the Restaurant Asia de cuba at the Mondrian Hotel where he managed to sneak in a quick dinner.(Well he didn’t actually have dinner with her, he ate with Sharon our operations manager and they were seated the table next to Jessie J)
Vlad and Sharon described her as a really beautiful person, who was confident,had a unique style, sexy and cool.
And at the end of every email they don’t forget to reinforce that they are actually working by saying “Yes we are having a great but busy time and all the buyers are all loving Otto mode” 

Check out all the fun they are having below.
Pre Flight Jay, Sharron, Diana & Vlad
 First day in LA on the Boulevard
Then the girls headed around to the South Coast Plazza
Sharron & Vlad , Jessie J and Vlad at Restaurant Asia de cuba at the Mondrian Hotel

 Diana & Sharron getting ready to go to TAO one of Vegas most pumping restaurants and nightclubs some helpful hints on getting in, start with dinner then you skip the line and are allowed straight into the club

Above Photos from V.diddy Party Rocking with dance duo LMFAO live at the MARQUEE NIGHT CLUB