Thursday, 13 October 2011

Otto Mode takes over!

Has anyone seen the current issue of girlfriend magazine?
If you haven’t you are about to see the super amazingly beautiful finalists for the girlfriend rimmel model search 2011 nearly all rocking ottomode tops. The girls all look stunning and most certainly do our tops justice. Styled by girlfriend’s super stylist Sadaf Razi has not only made the girls look awesome rocking major labels and funky frocks but has also changed the way of girlfriend fashion sections.
The magazine now has a young vogue feel with the shoots looking more exciting and better composed with both styling and setting.
Sadaf really knows the girlfriend target market and always styles garments in various ways so that the girls can see garments worn in many different ways. This makes it easy for them to take ownership of the style and pair it with items they already have in their wardrobe.
the girlfriend model search happens every year and has introduced so many amazing models into the competitive industry such models are Abbey Lee Kershaw, Ruby Rose, Catherine Mcneil, Samantha Harris and many more.
Check out this year’s finalist below and let us know who your fav girl for 2011 model search is.

 the girls are seen wearing our 2438-Edith top, 2497-jacinda shirt and 9844P-warhol dress