Wednesday, 19 October 2011

the epicenter of talent

So as our office gathered around at the lunch room table and discussed where they were from it got me thinking about my home town and about all the talent that has recently been emerging from there. I grew up in the the little coastal town of Terrigal. Most people when I inform them of where im from often stare blankly at me, there expression always assures me that they have no idea where the central coast is or what’s there, they then normally answer with a remark like "oh, so is that like a country town?" "how many people live there?" or my most hated one "is that Gosford?" and yes Gosford does fall into the central coast category but the coast is more than that it's a place filled with beauty and talent.
and speaking of talent I though i'd do my home town a litlle favour and show all of you ottomode girls all the talent that has streamed from there recently.
Now I know you may all think I’m a tad bias but seriously that place must have creative running through the water because coasties sure know how to bread some amazing creative talent.
Check out 7 of my most loved talented people from the coast.

jinja safari- band
Now this group of Indi rock muso's have recently been touring with other aussie bands such as art vs. science and have been a favourite for triple j  unearthed listeners.
Jinja safari is made up of a small group of  musical talented boys Marcus Azon from Tasmania and Pepa knight hailing from the central coast are the two front men.
Check out their funky beats here.

Ruby Jean Wilson- model
 Has recently modelled for some of the greatest luxury labels of all time Louis Vuitton and also for some Australian borne labels such as Zimmerman and sass and bide.
Keep an eye open for this one at the next fashion show you attend.

Riley Blakeway- filmer
This guys captures the true beauty in everything he films, whether it be surfing, skating or fashion he knows where to point the lens, his videos are the epitome of summer.
Check them out here.

Matt Wilko- surfer
 Is currently out of town doing what he loves and surfing with your mate Kelly slater, matt likes to roller skate and he knows how to rock a perm.  He is unusual and witty, but don’t let this full you girls as ive heard he was gifted with the sweet talker charm.
Check out his day to day musings here. He will make you laugh.

Britt Ferns- illustrator
 Has a beautiful hand crafted way of drawing, she mixes traditional hand drawn with computer graphics. Her blog is home to many of her cute and quirky pictures, take a steaky beak here.

Nicole Warne- blogger and super stylist
 If you haven’t heard about this bomb shell then you have been hiding under a rock. Nicole is the proud owner and founder of Gary pepper vintage. She has be frolicking in pretty pieces and making all us girls drool over her wardrobe since she started her blog, Nicole said in one of her past interviews that the Gary Pepper is a girl who is inspired by life, a lover of vintage. The Gary Pepper girl is unique and  has something about her that simply can't be taught. She really is, one of a kind. This is Nicole in a nut shell check out her being awesome here.

 Josephine Willcox- photographer
This up and coming photographer has put her foot in the fashion industry door. Buy shooting some truly beautifully whimsical photos for Lee’s model management. Look out for this little pocket rocket.. I expect to be seeing her photos in magazines such as Russh, Frankie and Fallen very soon.
Check out her tumblr here.

Laura Alexandra Walters - Graphic Designer/ Fashion Blogger and Sourcer
Laura Alexandra works at the Otto Mode HQ, she not only sources some of the most amazing jewelry and shoe designers, but works hard on PR, styling and thinking of new and creative ideas for Otto Mode. Check out her blog here. She does really cute prints as well, but doesnt usually like to show them on her blog.