Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Something deliciously creative

Apparently Matija Erceg from @seriousdesign wanted to evoke the reaction of delightful disgust in us, and set off on a mission to pair food and everyday objects. He sure did catch everyone's attention with his creative designs ranging from shrimp headphones (“Imagine the feeling of putting them into your ears, as you would earbuds,” he says. “I think that seeing them on the ends of the wires helps imagine the sensation.”) to a banana gun and cheese iiPod. An article found on Instagram blog says that so far he has confined himself to Photoshop, but is considering making real sculptures. “I’ve been studying the art of fake food, like you see in some restaurant window displays,” he says. “Maybe a trip to Japan is in the cards?” Oh dear. 
PS way more can be found on Serious Design's instagram