Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Day In Life.

   OttoMode team is here with you again! Today we had an "inspiration day" what we like to call them. You see, sometimes we’ll be stuck at the office all day working on emails, designs and new projects, and every now and then one needs a break from the all the hustle and bustle. That's when we go out to get inspired, visit our favourite coffee shops, book stores or flower markets, watch people, and chat about fashion. It gets us inspired with things we see/read/buy, and also clears the mind to feel “new” again! 
Today we went out in Surry Hills, photographed, grabbed some lunch and coffees and enjoyed the lovely Sydney vibes!



Styles featured:
Diana: Too Cute Skirt (Black and White Stripes), Chimera Top (in Black)
Sarah: Model Behaviour Tee (in Raven Black),  Time Is Passing Tunic (in Ivory)
Anya: Firelight Top (in Greymarle).