Sunday, 21 July 2013

The King Of Couture

For over decades the fashion house "Valentino" has graced and has been at the head of couture fashion. First appearing in 1960's its head designer Valentino Garavani has dressed some of the most affluent people of society such as President Kennedy's wife , royalty and celebrities. He has claimed of discovering one of the most sought out answers of time - what women want and in its most simplest from  "They want to be beautiful."


Every garment is designed and constructed with so much care and thought for the buyer that it must be "beautiful". Every dress is a dress of elegance and a master piece which is sought after by many. Every dress is hand sewn, beaded and constructed from scratch. It is this sense of uniquessness which epitomises the true sense of couture. For to know couture in the 50's one must have learnt if from the 20's and to know couture today one must have learnt it from the 50's. The elitist world of couture is the depiction of everything a lady has ever dreamt of and is something the great Valentino has managed to do.

He is one of the most iconic fashion designers of the 20th and the 21st century.