Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hair How-To

If you're stuck in rut with your hair and, like many of us, you feel you've worn the topknot craze to death, put a twist on your regular bun and try out a Hair Bow!. 
All you have to do is pull your pony tail half way through- leaving a bun and a tail. Split the bun in half and pull the tail forward between the two split sections (to make the middle tie). Pin the tail under and secure the two sections that make the bow to your head. Super cute and cool for the summer months ahead! 
Let us know how your hair bow turns out by taking a pic on instagram and hashtagging #ottomode in the caption, alternativly add a picture to our facebook wall  

Just repeat the steps on the back of your head to change up the look :) Definitely the perfect Christmas day look!