Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Light up the night

So we all know when winter comes we choose or leg warmies and sloppy joes, over our louboutin's and Jimmy choo's and ditch the night life for the old school flics like dirty dancing and endless summer.. or maybe that's just me?
But this winter us ottomoder's decided to brave the big freeze, and skip the layers and hibernation and hit the town. We where amazed what we did stumble across while sinking our sweet tooth into a fluffy pillow pile of ice cream and strawberries at Pancakes on the Rocks.
We where dumbfounded when we witnessed what can only be described as Circular Quay on ACID !!!

So in awe of the swishing jelly fish and the disappearing sydney icon, a jaw may or may not have actually dropped, because we where watching our beautiful city transform into a technical version of the great northern lights. 

and the most amazingly its was free that's right FRE-E! 
there is a huge 3D projections on some of our most iconic buildings such as the opera house, customs house and the Museum of Contemporary art. As well as Giant glowing flowers, some neon sewed and interactive dancing lights once again sydney has been transformed into a playground of light. 

The favourite part of the night was standing at the Screaming Rapture and giving a high pitched squeal to the screaming sculpture and looking like a bunch of loons.(No worries guys we are not crazy.. you are meant to scream at it.. good way to let off some steam)
check it out  from 6pm to midnight every night until Monday the 11th June.

Ps.  if you do want to spend a little bit of cash then vivid also supports some amazing artists such as florence + the machine & my personal favourite Karen O in Stop the Virgins. - Tickets are still available for tonights show... hopefully we will see some of you Kids there. :) 

look how colourful and amazing our city looks. and i know this was from 2011 but i had to show you ladies something.!!!