Monday, 6 February 2012

Did cupid Strike you?

So we all know it's coming up to that day where love is all around us and we let the feelings show. But with this joyous day wether we loath it or love it the decision of what to wear sits heavy on our shoulders. 
Instantly we think red!! But what if red is not your thing? Or you just feel that hallmark has butchered the colour and you don't want to look like a wallflower Valentines card. 
I for one am certain I have noting of this vibrant hue in my wardrobe or knicker draw.  
So Otto Mode HQ have pulled together some out fits that some of the girls in our office would slip into whether it be our first date, anniversary or girls night out.  

The Vintage Lovers
The Casual Day Time Date 
 The Picnic Date
The After Work Dinner
 The Beach Stroll