Sunday, 15 January 2012

Otto Mode + Mosie&Teal + Poppet and Puddin + Dear Mr. Cat

Fellow Bloggers Britt and Laura cant get enough of blogging. That is the highlight of their day everyday, some may find that quite sad, other blog enthusiasts would be all for it! They run 4 blogs between them, This one (however, I am taking over their position for this post)Mosie & Teal - "Two lost souls came together at work to create a library of images that would inspire them,a place where they could vent their creativity and document their daily musings".
Poppet and Puddin - Laura's own blog, full of up to date fashion trends and fashion events.
Dear Mr. Cat - Britt's own blog, full of illustrations and inspirational fashion and photoshoots.
Put them altogether and POW! you have Laura and Britt, covered head to toe in fashion, art and photography!

Mosie & Teal

Poppet and Puddin

Dear Mr. Cat

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