Sunday, 22 January 2012

Adorkable- New Girl


"You know in horror movies, when the girl hears the sound in the basement...And she’s like: “Oh my god, what’s that sound? I better go downstairs in the dark while only wearing my underwear...” And you’re like, “What is your problem? Call the police!”

Last night when all the girls from the ottomode office got together to watch channel ten's latest romantic comedy New Girl the opening quote had us all rolling on the floor in hysterics. We didn’t know if it was hilarious because we say this all the time or if it was the fact that metaphorically we all would do the same.

The new romantic comedy staring Zooey Deschanel is a little quirky almost dorky and a relevant to all us ladies. We all fell in love with the show as soon as we saw Jess do a “mating beaver smile” we didn’t know if it was because of  Jess's uncanny resemblance to each of us or if we just love adorkable girls and 101 dating advice with a touch of comedy. We think there is a bit of jess in all of us though.

The story line is pretty much she falls in love gets her heart broken then moves in with three girl intolerant guys... all which are dealing with their own love lives in the wrong way.
They are brought together through hilariously funny love stories and personalities. I sense a love triangle happening but who knows. If you missed it last night check it out here.