Tuesday, 31 January 2012

3 must-sex-erters

So we all know and love James Franco.
But what about his other two equally as sexy and talented brothers?
 In our Otto Mode office we couldn’t help but notice the sexy trio.. Not one of them has flown under our radar as much as middle child Tom would like too!
That’s right we have trawled the web and creepily cyber stalked all brothers.. We had to share their sexiness with you all..We know it will be highly appreciated.

Check out the Franco boys Below.

The youngest of the three Franco’s like James, Dave has taken Hollywood by storm playing Cole Aaronson (season 9 from scrubs) and has recently been put on the big screen in the latest police drama "21 Jump Street". We are waiting for the opening night of this flick where we know we will be drooling over Dave who plays Eric the villain. Yep nothing is sexier than a bad boy. We are thinking of ones such as Heath in “10 things I hate about you” ... (sigh)  

The middle child!
Illustrator, sculptor, tai chi master and Franco what else do we need to say!!!
Seriously SWOON.

He is also the director and founder of Firehouse Creative where all artists come together and combined their arts what ever the mediums. The firehouse is a place you can go and view art , see performance art, attend art walks and have a chilled out movie night.
Tom has started opening up more Firehouse art collective spaces that introduce food and vintage antiques. He sounds delicious… I mean that would be delicious. 
We know if we lived in California we would so head on down to Berkeley to check out this cool space.

And then there is James 
The famously handsome actor with 50+ movies under his belt not to mention a several TV series. 
What we love about James is that even though he is a Hollywood favourite he also seems down to earth participating in charities and community work. He has been quoted on saying "as an actor, you can get wrapped up in yourself and your career...A little secret is one of the greatest ways to break that is to stop thinking about yourself for a second."
Not only is he handsome and kind but he is also a super human at schooling... AKA super intelligent.
He has studied at 5 different universities and colleges and is currently a teacher at New York University where he teaches transferring poetry to film. Having a teacher like that would make it hard to not get distracted or cross the line and break the rules of teach student relationships.

check out some pic of the boys when they where younger soo cute...